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Reader Stories: Tell Your Preemie's Story


Updated May 28, 2014

Although all premature babies are unique, many preemies and their parents share some of the same experiences. Telling the story of your baby's birth, NICU stay, homecoming, and early years can help other parents of premature babies know that they're not alone, and prepare for what's ahead.

Please share your preemie's story in the space below.

I Was Born 3 Months Early in 1952

I went to live with my Grandmother who first raised her brothers & sisters, then four children of her own and then me. I lived with her until I was seventeen and then I left for college. I had very f…More

Baby Girl Born at 34 Weeks

. She was slightly slow to get the hang of breast feeding, lost a little too much weight and became a little jaundiced which resulted in one night under lights. She very quickly picked up again. She …More

Gavino Jr., Born at 31 Weeks

I had high blood pressure and was on a 24 hr urine test. I was told that I could go home as long as I was on bed rest. I was relieved and promised myself that I would do anything I needed to keep the…More

Karolyn, Born at 31 Weeks

One early morning I found there was a 'show' and I headed to clinic. The doctor gave me another hormone just to control premature contractions. On that night, I had a painful contraction just for awh…More

Jean, Born at 34 Weeks

Jean is very healthy. His birth weight was 2.5 kg. and the doctors say his lungs are perfect. He eats on his own, didn't need any help, he was just over 34 weeks when I gave birth. After reading maga…More

Premature Baby now 18 Years Old

My son was is in the NICU at the first hospital until he weighed 5 lbs. He was readmitted to another hospital almost to his due date. He required a blood transfusion (do not be afraid of this) and a …More

Katie Dawn Georgina, Born at 32 Weeks

I was in and out of the hospital due to high blood pressure. Then at 32 weeks and 5 days the doctors said we couldn't go on. There was no danger to baby just me. On the 9th of December my little girl…More

Tarrell, Born at 33 Weeks

I'm expecting another baby and going through the same complications I went through with with Tarrell. I'm more comfortable if she was to come early too. You wouldnt even know Tarrell was a preemie by…More

35 Week Late Preterm Baby

My daughter's birth was very quick. She was my second, and the labor was very different than the first, so I was pretty far along before I really knew it was labor. By the time we arrived at the hosp…More

Tina, Born at 25 Weeks in 1984

I went to his office on November 26 for an examination at which time he told me to take it easy but he didn't think there was anything to be concerned about. He said I could go to work but if I start…More

Delaynie Issabella, Born at 34 Weeks

When I was 33 weeks pregnant we had discovered that I had become pre-eclamptic and I was immediatley put on bed-rest. A few days after being diagnosed I was admitted into labor and delivery, although…More

Nolan Michael, Born at 36 Weeks

I was on bed rest for a short cervix from 29 weeks until 36 weeks when the bed rest was lifted. Three days later, Nolan made his debut! He was born via c-section and weighed a healthy 6 lbs, 8 oz. He…More

24 Week Preemie, Now 18 Years Old

I was in the NICU for 3 months. I had 1 eye still fused shut and my dad's wedding ring could go all the way up to my shoulder w/plenty of room left. My worst-case prognosis was that I would be wheelc…More

Samaya, Born at 29 Weeks

I was a graduate student at SIUC in the Spring of 2009. Samaya was not due to be born until May but she was on her own schedule it seemed. I was air lifted from Carbondale to St. Louis to have her. T…More

Brianna Le'nea, Born at 27 Weeks

I was a 27 yr old female. I am 28 now. I had my daugther at 6 months. I didnt know I was pregnant and had preeclampsia. I got real sick and went to the ER and my blood pressure was outrageous. The sc…More

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