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Reader Stories: Tell Your Preemie's Story


Updated May 28, 2014

Although all premature babies are unique, many preemies and their parents share some of the same experiences. Telling the story of your baby's birth, NICU stay, homecoming, and early years can help other parents of premature babies know that they're not alone, and prepare for what's ahead.

Please share your preemie's story in the space below.

Oliver, Born at 35 Weeks

Oliver was a big baby for his gestational age at 6 lbs 4.4 oz. We went into the hospital after I suspected that my water had broken, a slow leak, and felt contractions. It was confirmed that my water…More

Bianca, Born at 35 Weeks

I had a healthy pregnancy, no complications, perfect weight, etc. I had a muscle spasm on the lower left side of my belly. I went to the hospital to monitor my baby and they said I was 3cm dilated an…More

Gabe, Born at 28 Weeks

Gabe was early due to abnormalities in the structure of my uterus. Of course, when I rang the hospital to discuss my pain, they assumed it was Braxton-Hicks contractions and because the pain was most…More

Melodie, Born in 1988

I really don't know how long I was in nicu and neither does my mother. All I know is what I told you, but I wish I knew so I could find more info about myself and her and my father. Now I'm 25 and my…More

24 Week Preemie, Born in 1964

I was in the hospital for 3 months. The nurses don't remember a baby born smaller from 1948 to 1964. I was in the local newspaper until I was 5, and even got a birthday card from a state senator! I w…More

Annabelle Hope, Born at 34 Weeks 4 Days

Annabelle was on CPAP for about the first 12 hours then was intubated and put on the ventilator. She stayed on the vent for about a week, then went back on CPAP for another week. She was then on nasa…More

Frances, Born at 33 Weeks, Now 25

The birth was painful. I did not have any classes before to prepare me for the delivery and did not know how to huff and puff to push her out. A doctor that was standing next to me pushed her out by …More

Baby R, 28 Weeks 6 Days

I was a healthy 26yo expecting my first child. To date I was having a perfectly healthy pregnancy and a very active baby. There were no known health conditions and everything was looking great. At my…More

Goliath, Born at 27 Weeks

My baby Goliath was born at 27 weeks. I was having minor complications earlier in my pregnancy. The day that I gave birth I had a big scare. I was at a family gathering and blood shoots out from my p…More

Baby Born at 34 Weeks in 1992

My mother went to hospital for a scan after suffering bad heart burn that day at work. She'd had a relatively complication free pregnancy up until then, she had a miscarriage scare at ten weeks with …More

Kathy, 25 Week Preemie Born in 1956

Mom did not carry me 6 months. I weighed 2 pounds and 4 ounces. Mom said that I came out crying like a kitten. My lungs were fine. I had all of my fingernails and toenails, eye brows and eyelashes. …More

Preemie Born 4 Months Early, Now 27

Born October 25th. Home coming date January 26th. She weighed 4 pounds and 13 ounces. Was on oxygen till seven months old. Had to be feed 2 ounces every 2 hours. Had a terrible time convincing the do…More

Michael Ryan, Born at 26 Weeks

I was admitted to the hospital a week and a half before I had Michael. I had severe pneumonia which developed into a empyema (infectious pocket of fluid) in my lung and a plural effusion. I was in th…More

Breann, Born 3 Months Early, Now 17

I was in the NICU for 3 months. I came home weighing 2lbs. My parents couldn't hold me for a while and when they could it was only for a few minutes. Now I'm doing alright. Overall normal for the mos…More

Richard, Born at 27 Weeks

It all started when I was 26+5 and I had a little bleed. I wasn't worried because I'd had the same with my previous son and he was born happy and healthy on his due date. But I went to the hospital f…More

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