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Support and Resources for Parents of Premature Infants

There are many support groups, books, magazines, organizations, and websites dedicated to premature infants and their parents. These resources can be a great source of comfort for parents of preemies.
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Postpartum Depression (PPD)
Moms of preemies need support to help them cope with their baby's early birth. Learn the symptoms of postpartum depression, where to find help, and how it's treated.

What Not to Say to Moms of Preemies
Even close friends and family may not know how best to support parents of a baby in the NICU. Learn how to talk to NICU parents - and what not to say.

Social Security Benefits for Your Premature Baby
Some premature or low birth weight babies are eligible to get social security benefits. These benefits are called supplemental security income, or SSI.

Premature Baby - Coping Tips for Having a Premature Baby
Readers share tips on how they coped with having a premature baby.

Coping When Your Baby Needs Neonatal Intensive Care
Having a baby in the NICU is very stressful to parents. When your NICU baby is sick, the stress can be overwhelming. These strategies will help you to cope and to stay involved and informed.

Five Weeks of Information to Help You and Your Preemie Baby Thrive

Welcome to the About Preemies Ecourse, "Five Weeks of Information to Help You and Your Preemie Baby Thrive." While you may still be worried about your baby and a little unsure of what's to come for your entire family, you're not alone. In this course, you'll find support from other parents of preemies and the information you need to help you navigate the NICU, prepare for your first weeks at home with your preemie baby, and look ahead to what it's like to raise a child who was born early.

The entire course is immediately available below, or you may sign up to receive the course via email.

Coping with Having a Premature Baby
Having a premature baby is a traumatic experience, and parents often have difficulty sorting through their feelings. This resource helps parents to cope with the emotions they may be feeling after the birth of their premature baby.

Coping With the Death of a Baby
Sadly, many premature babies are born too early to live. Grieving the death of a baby may feel like a process that will never end. Although these coping strategies cannot take the pain away, they may help make it easier to bear.

Help Paying Your Premature Baby's Medical Bills
With the high cost of NICU care, parents of premature babies may get sticker shock when they see their hospital bills. Insured and uninsured patients will get help figuring out how to pay their copays or how to approach paying off their medical bills.

March of Dimes SPEAKing About Preterm Birth Survey
On June 30, 2010, the March of Dimes released a new survey entitled "SPEAKing About Preterm Birth." Dr. Alan Fleischman, medical director of the March of Dimes, answers my questions about the survey.

Death of a Baby - What Helped You Through the Death of Your Baby?
Grieving the death of a baby is a slow, painful process. Parents who have experienced the death of a baby share their stories and share coping strategies with other families.

Medical Bills - How Did You Pay Your Preemie's Medical Bills?
Readers share stories on how they payed the medical bills for their premature babies, including NICU bills and doctor's fees.

NICU Coping Tips
Parents share their stories of how they coped with having a baby in the NICU.

Prematurity Awareness Day 2009
November is the March of Dimes' Prematurity Awareness Month, and 11-17-09 is Prematurity Awareness Day. These articles from About.com's guides will help parents learn more about prematurity

Preemie Baby Ecourse Week One - From NICU to Home
Having a preemie baby can feel overwhelming. Take a tour of the NICU, talk about coping with prematurity, and look at when you'll be able to take your baby home.

Preemie Baby Ecourse Week Two - Health & Safety
In the NICU, preemies are constantly monitored for common preemie health problems. Once parents bring their babies home, it's natural to worry about how to keep them safe and healthy.

Preemie Baby Ecourse Week Three - Baby Care Basics for Newborn Preemies
In the NICU, nurses do a lot of a preemie's routine baby care. After discharge, though, parents take over. Thankfully, baby care for a preemie is very similar to baby care for a term baby.

Preemie Baby Ecourse Week Four - Raising a Child Born Early
As your preemie baby grows, he'll outgrow diaper changes and apnea monitors. If your child shows any long term effects of prematurity, you may start thinking about how to give him or her the best possible start in school.

Preemie Baby Ecourse Week Five - Risks for Future Preterm Births
Having a preemie baby is a great source of stress on many families. Learn the risks of a second premature birth and how to prevent, detect, and stop preterm labor.

Fathering in the NICU
NICU dads have many unique roles and challenges. Learning how to father a premature baby while supporting mom and family can help fathers to cope with prematurity.

WubbaNub Pacifiers Review
My review of Wubbanub pacifiers - cute, cuddly stuffed animals secured to a Soothie pacifier.

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