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Premature Baby Stories and Pictures

Our readers share their stories and pictures of their beautiful children, from their NICU days and as they've grown. We'd love to hear your story as well! Send your story via email, along with a picture or few if you'd like, and I'll be happy to post it here.

Tell Your Preemie's Story
Readers share the stories of their premature babies' births, NICU stays, homecomings, and early years. See submissions

Pictures of Premature Babies
Stories and pictures of real preemies. Includes pictures of newborn preemies and older kids who were premature at birth, all sent in by their loving families.

World's Smallest Preemies
The smallest babies ever born weighed only about half a pound and were born 4 months early. Read these tiny preemies' stories and see pictures.

Famous Preemies
Stories of famous preemies including historical figures who were born early, celebrity preemies, and famous multiples.

Mother's Miracle - 27 Week Twins
About.com reader Heather shares her preemie story. Twins Jordanna and Dylan were born at 27 weeks.

Ryder, Born at 24 Weeks
Ryder's preemie story. Ryder was born at 24 weeks and stayed in the NICU for almost 4 months. He's now home with his family and thriving.

Renea's Preemie Story
A mom shares the story of her daughter Renea, who was born early around 7 months of pregnancy.

Emaan, A Preemie Born at 30 Weeks
An About Preemies reader shares the story of her daughter Emaan, born at 30 weeks due to premature labor.

Alesha, A Premature Baby Born at 24 Weeks
A mom tells the story of her daughter Alesha, a baby born at 24 weeks and now 12 years old.

Preemie Story - 33 Week Preemie Story
Preemie Story - 33 Week Preemie Story

Korbin's Preemie Story
A preemie story of Korbin, a 31-week gestation preemie born at less than 2 pounds. Korbin's birth through first 2 years are described by his mother.

D'lon's Preemie Story
Mom Yolonda shares this story of her 23-week preemie, D'lon Grace, including her NICU stay, challenges and triumphs after discharge, and death.

Cheyenne's Preemie Story
Summer, an About.com reader, posted this story about her daughter, Cheyenne, who was born at 32 weeks. Although many 32-weekers have uneventful NICU stays, Cheyenne battled a lot during her 6 weeks in the NICU.

Alex - A Premature Birth Story
Gina Lay sent in this story of her son, Alex, who was born at 30 weeks. Although Alex was born early, he is now 2 years old and doing very well.

Preemie Story of 25 Week Twins
In this preemie story, an About Preemies reader describes the birth of her 25.6-week twins, Kaitlyn and Grayson.

A Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Story
Rebecca, an About Preemies visitor, sent in the story of her sons. Luke and Zavier were born at 28 weeks due to twin to twin transfusion syndrome, or TTTS.

An Eclampsia Preemie Story
Sarah, a regular on the About Preemies forum, shares the story of Adam, her first child. Adam was born at just 30 weeks after Sarah had complications with her pregnancy due to eclampsia.

The Story of Logan and Mason
Logan and Mason are twin boys, born 7 weeks early and suffering from twin to twin transfusion syndrome. This is their story.

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