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Preemie Milestones: How Premature Infants Grow and Develop

Includes information on when you should expect your premature baby to reach milestones, how to use developmental age versus birth age, and when to adjust for gestational age. Also includes information on the development of premature babies based on their gestational age at birth and preemie-specific milestones such as breathing without support.

Premature Babies Week by Week
Because fetal development happens so quickly, premature babies born at different gestational ages are very different. A baby born 3 months early is going to be a lot smaller and have much more complex medical care than a baby born 1 or even 2 months early. View pictures, read stories, and learn about premature babies born at all different ages.

Feeding Premature Babies in the NICU
Learning to breastfeed or bottle feed is a milestone that preemies must reach before NICU discharge. Feeding premature babies can be frustrating, but these tips can help.

When Should Preemies Meet Developmental Milestones?
Although parents often worry about whether their preemies are meeting developmental milestones on time, most premature babies meet developmental milestones within normal ranges for their corrected ages. Learn when your baby should meet specific milestones, what babies might meet milestones later than others, when to worry, and what you can do...

When Will My Preemie Learn to Walk?
Premature babies usually learn to walk according to developmental milestones for their corrected age. Learn what may make a preemie learn to walk...

Milestones a NICU Baby Must Reach Before Discharge
While theyre in the NICU, premature babies have several milestones to meet before they can go home with their parents.

NICU Baby - How Long Was Your Baby in the NICU?
How long was your baby in the NICU? Readers share their stories about how early their babies were and how long they stayed in the NICU.

Using Adjusted Age for Preemie Milestones
Deciding whether to use gestational age or birth age when comparing your preemie to developmental milestones can be confusing. About.com's Guide to Pediatrics gives clear answers to parent's questions on this topic.

Developmental Milestones for Infants and Toddlers
Parents of preemies can stop adjusting for gestational age once their babies catch up to the developmental milestones for their age group. About.com's guide to pediatrics put together this photo gallery of milestones parents can use to decide if their preemie is on track.

Developmental Milestones for Premature Infants
Written by a nurse, this easy to navigate article includes information about milestones by ages and using corrected age with premature babies.

Fostering Development After Discharge
This wonderful list of activities teaches parents exactly what they can do do help their premature infants meet their developmental milestones. Also includes a list of exactly what milestones premature infants should be reaching, based on their due date instead of their birth age.

Will My Baby "Catch Up"? Growth and Prematurity
Babies who are born very small or very early are often smaller than their peers, even when corrected for gestational age. Dr. Raye-Ann deRegnier, a neonatologist and professor of neonatology, explains when preemies can be expected to catch up to the growth charts.

When Will My Preemie Learn to Sit Up?
Premature babies may meet developmental milestones later than babies born at term. Learn when parents can expect their preemies to sit up.

When to Stop Using Corrected Age for Your Premature Baby
Corrected age is the age a preemie would be if he or she had been born at term. Learn how long you should use corrected age for your preemie.

When Will My Preemie Learn to Talk?
Although most preemies will meet developmental milestones on time for their corrected ages, some may be delayed. Learn when your preemie should learn to talk and how you can help your preemie learn to talk on time.

When Did Your Preemie Meet Developmental Milestones?
Readers share stories about their babies' preemie milestones, when they met certain milestones, and how they helped their babies stay on track developmentally.See submissions

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