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Baby Bibs and Baby Booties to Knit and Crochet


Updated September 27, 2012

Easy Knit Baby Booties

Easy Knit Baby Booties

Image Courtesy of Sarah White

It can be hard to find clothes for preemies and NICU babies that don't interfere with IV lines and monitor cords. Baby booties are one-size-fits-all items that even sick preemies in the NICU can usually wear. Baby bibs are also useful, especially once baby starts to take feedings by mouth.

Baby Bibs and Baby Booties to Crochet

The following free crochet patterns can teach you to crochet a variety of baby bibs and baby booties.

Baby Bibs and Baby Booties to Knit

  • Garter Stitch Bib: An easy bib to make that's both cute and practical.
  • Star Bib: This bib includes an adjustable strap and can be customized to add a different embellishment.
  • Easy Baby Booties: This pattern for simple knit baby booties comes in small (newborn) and large (6 months) sizes.
  • Preemie and Infant Socks: These adorable bootie socks come in sizes 28 weeks, 34 weeks, and full term.
  • Knit Baby Socks with Crocheted Edges: These adorable socks may be thigh-highs on tiny preemies, but they're cute enough that it's worth the wait until they grow into them.
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