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Life with a Preemie

A look at day-to-day life with a preemie. Managing NICU visits while your baby is still in the hospital, introducing siblings, and transitioning into a home routine. Also, how to cope with going back to work after the birth of a premature baby, including finding childcare and support and advice for moms who go back to work while their babies are still in the hospital.

Cell Phones in the NICU
Cell phones in the NICU can help families keep in touch and stay informed and organized. They make life with a preemie a little easier.

FMLA and Premature Babies
If you'll be going back to work after your baby is born, FMLA can help you take time off to care for your baby.

Is My Preemie Ready for Kindergarten?
Preemies may be ready for kindergarten later than children born at term. This page looks at signs of school readiness, and how parents can tell whether their preemie is ready for kindergarten.

Pets and Premature Babies
Parents may wonder if pets increase a preemie's risk of breathing problems. With a little extra effort, you can safely incorporate pets into day-to-day life with your preemie.

School Success for Preemies
Following these tips can help ensure school success for your kids. Some preemies may struggle in school, but by working together you can make sure they don't fall behind.

Tamiko Preemie Clothes
Review of Tamiko clothing for premature babies. Soft, snuggly, and adorable outfits for preemies in the NICU.

Preemie Clothes for in the NICU
The day when your little one can finally wear preemie clothes is a special milestone. Parents may wonder what types of clothes their preemie may wear, when their babies can wear preemie clothes, and how to wash preemie clothes.

Finding Child Care for Your Premature Baby
Finding child care for a premature baby or child isn't always easy. Premature babies may have immature immune systems or developmental delays that make group child care impractical.

All About Premature Baby Clothes
Learn all about premature baby clothes, including what types of clothes babies can wear in the NICU, how to wash preemie clothes, and how to knit and crochet premature baby clothes. Information about clothes for twins and multiples is included, along with preemie clothes reviews from readers and About.com Guides.

What is a Premie?
Answers the question "What is a Premie?" or "What is a Preemie?"

Wubbanub Pacifiers
My review of Wubbanub pacifiers - cute, cuddly stuffed animals secured to a Soothie pacifier.

Preemie Clothes to Make at Home
If you love crafting, then making clothes to the premature babies in your life can be a wonderful way to show your love for them.

Preemie Clothes for Babies in the NICU
Jacqui's Preemie Pride sells preemie clothes sized 0-12 pounds, with an emphasis on NICU-friendly outfits for even the smallest of premature babies.

Baby Blanket Patterns to Make for Preemies
All babies, especially preemies, need baby blankets. Preemies use blankets all through their NICU stay, for privacy, warmth, and comfort. This list teaches readers how to knit, sew, crochet, and quilt a variety of different baby blankets.

Preemie Hats to Knit and Crochet
Preemie hats are a NICU necessity. They make a great gift for parents of premature babies and are often accepted as donations to local NICUs. This article contains links to free preemie hat patterns to knit and crochet.

Readers' Favorite and Least Favorite Preemie Clothes
Readers review their most and least favorite preemie clothes, from in the NICU and after they took their baby home. See submissions

Reviews of Premature Baby Clothes
Reviews of premature baby clothes, from readers and from About.com Guides.

Kindergarten - How Did You Decide Your Preemie Was Ready for …
Many parents choose to delay kindergarten entry for their children, often because their birthdays fall very close to the kindergarten "cut off," making them barely eligible for school. If your child was born early, deciding whether your child is ready for kindergarten can be a little more complicated.

Child Care - Child Care for Premature Babies
Readers share their thoughts and stories on finding child care for their premature babies.

Choosing a Preschool for Your NICU Graduate
Because NICU graduates may have fragile health or special needs, you may have a harder time finding a good fit with a preschool. Although this guide is geared toward finding preschools for special needs children, parents of premies will find the tips helpful.

Sibling Visits to Your Baby in the NICU
Introducing a sibling to a new baby is often a challenge, and that challenge is magnified when the sibling is a premature infant. Helpful tips are presented to help ease the transition.

Baby Bibs and Baby Booties to Knit and Crochet
Free knitting and crocheting patterns for baby bibs and baby booties to make for preemies and newborn babies.

Premature Baby Clothes - Experiences Making Premature Baby Clothes
Readers share their favorite experiences with knitting, crocheting, quilting, and sewing for premature babies.

As They Grow
Watching your premature baby grown into an older child is a joyous time. School is one of the main concerns of parenting older preemies, and parents often wonder if their child should participate in early intervention programs and when they should start kindergarten. Some of the health effects of prematurity may also linger, especially for babies born very early or very sick.

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